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How to see what is happening to your leads

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You can use the Lead Status report to see all of the leads you received within a specific timeframe. This allows you to look across the data to investigate why certain leads go well and others do not. For example:

  • You may realize that bad leads all have a long contact time

  • A specific sales person never sends quotes

  • The sales team doesn't follow up frequently enough

By reviewing this report and identifying areas of opportunity, you can improve your workflows and book more jobs.

How to use the Lead Status report

To see your Lead Status report, go to Reports -> Lead Status.

For the date type drop down, select either Date Received or Service Date.

From the timeframe drop down, select the correct timeframe or select Custom to enter a specific date range.

You have the option to add any additional filters as desired to filter by a specific referral source, branch, sales person, or estimate, or you can leave All selected.

Table Data

The report consists of the following columns:

  • Quote #

  • Branch

  • Status: New Lead, Booked, Closed, etc.

  • Lead Status: Any custom lead statuses your company has created

  • Service Type: Moving, Packing, etc.

  • Volume (Weight)

  • Received At: Date lead was received

  • Service Date: Date of the customer's move or the first job on the opportunity

  • Quote Sent: Date the quote was sent to customer (or a dash if it has not been sent yet)

  • Sales Person

  • Estimator

  • Time to Contact: How long it took the sales person to contact the customer (by phone call, text message, or email) after the initial lead was received

  • Last Communication: The date and time that the customer was last contacted

How to use the lead status report to fill calendar openings

The Lead Status report can help you find jobs to fill openings in your schedule. This report can show leads with a service date within the date range of your calendar availability.

First, use the Dispatch calendar to determine which day(s) you want to fill.

Go to Reports -> Lead Status.

For the date type drop-down, select Service Date.

From the timeframe drop-down, select Custom and then enter the date range where you have availability on the calendar.

If any leads match your availability, have your sales team reach out to the customer to book the job within the available dates.

Tip: You can consider offering a discount to persuade potential customers to book on the desired date.

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