How to Add and Manage Stops

How to add and manage stops for a move's jobs

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Some moves require more stops than just the origin (pick-up) and destination (drop-off) locations. You might need to pick up boxes at a storage unit or deliver items to different addresses. In this case, you'll add stops to the job.

Stops are per job on a move—not for the entire opportunity. So, if you have a packing job and a moving job on an opportunity, and you add a stop to the pack job, it will not be added to the move job unless you manually add it or copy it over.

Add stops to a job

  1. Open an opportunity and click the Estimate tab.

  2. Select the job you are adding the stop to.

  3. Click Add Stop.

  4. Select whether the address is a pick-up or drop-off location.

  5. Enter the address the move is starting from and select the correct address from the list of suggestions.

    • If your address doesn't appear in the list, click Custom Address above the field to add the address.

    • Once you select an address, you can click the map icon to the right of the field to see the satellite, map, or street view.

  6. Enter any additional data about the property including the property name, unit number, property type, parking type, stairs, walk distance, and elevators. If any additional factors will affect the move, click Add Additional Handicaps to add them.

  7. Click Save.

  8. You'll see that the stop is now added between the origin and destination address (or if the origin and destination were not yet added, the stop will be added as an origin or destination).

  9. To reorder the stops, click and drag the Reorder icon to change the order.

Review the travel time and mileage

You can review the travel time and mileage for a job using any of the following data:

  • RT: Includes the initial dispatch through the end dispatch

  • O->D: Includes the origin through any additional stops and to the destination

  • Travel time: Includes the time to get from your dispatch to the origin, and then from the final destination back to the dispatch location

Duplicate stops from another job on the opportunity

To reuse the same addresses from another job on the same opportunity, click Copy Stops and select the job to copy them from.

See a map of all the stops

To see how all the stops for a job layout on the map, click Map.

Edit or remove a stop

Click the Settings menu next to the stop and select Edit Stop or Remove Stop.

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